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We Provide Best-quality 3D Printed Products.

*All Prints are shipped with a small amount of cleanup and Are Not Painted Unless Specifically Listed as such!

Who We Are

We are a small team with the goal of providing the best prints we can for all of our customers.  We can also provide custom prints of 3D files already owned by you.  More detail s below.

How It Started

We started with a simple design for our Dexcom G6 covers.  Our covers have gone through 3 reversions until we got it just right.  We then moved on to create a Dexcom G6 Sports cover.

Our Printers

We are currently using the Creality CR-6 SE FDM 3D printer using PLA and TPU filaments.  We are also using the Creality LD-002R 3D Resin printer to print out our smaller items and miniatures.

How It Works

PLA allows us to make larger prints with great quality.  TPU allows us to print flexible prints used for the Dexcom G6 covers.  Resin allows us to print with amazing detail and quality for our smaller prints and tabletop miniatures.

Best Quality 3D Printed Items

We can also print your personally owned 3D files on a case by case basis.  Send us an email at questions@smart3ddesigns.com to discuss the details on how we can assist. 

NOTE:  Your 3D files must have been purchased and owned by you and provided to us for printing.  The files will be deleted from our systems after the product was been printed and delivered.

Check back often for sales!

3D Printing Is The New Cool!

Let’s work together and allow us be your 3D printer for all your needs.  Please send any questions to questions@smart3ddesigns.com.