Dexcom G6 Athletic Band (Clear)


Our Dexcom G6 Athletic Band is thin, flexible, and allows you to fasten your sensor tight to your skin. Protect your sensor today with a Dexcom G6 Athletic Band from Smart 3D Designs

Made of Flexible 3D Material that holds your sensor in place for everyday wear.

  • Holds sensor securely with included elastic strap
  • Flexible material
  • Non-stickey
  • Re-usable

Numerous Dexcom G6 glucose sensor users experience difficulty. The adhesives may not stick to the skin well, the sensor may detach or become loose when exercising or playing sports, or maybe the sensor gets caught on a some clothes and wiggles free; regardless of the situation, fitting your Dexcom G6 Glucose Sensor can be troublesome.

Our Dexcom G6 Cover is thin, flexible, and holds your sensor in place all day long. Our Dexcom G6 Cover doesn’t just protect the sensor itself, it also cover the original patch and keeps the sensor tight against your skin. Your scheduled sensor removal will be much easier now, as our Dexcom G6 Cover acts as a buffer between the original patch and the tape that goes over your sensor. No more fighting with the patch and tapes stuck together! Your scheduled patch replacement will be stress free!


  • Protect your Dexcom G6 Glucose Sensor and keep it fitted in place
  • Cover your original patch and hold it firmly against your skin
  • Prevent original patch and outer tape from sticking together
  • Thin, flexible, and durable
  • Dimensions: 2.75in x 1.75in x .25in
  • Crafted from TPU Transparent Red & Transparent Clear

Material Options:

All of our Dexcom G6 Glucose Sensor Covers are flexible and 3D printed using TPU Filament. TPU stands for “thermoplastic polyurethane.” which is a very durable and strong material.